www.gmail.com We are in the 21st century which is by far the most technologically advanced century in the human history. The number of advancements, the number of inventions that are made in the 21st century are far more greater than those combined in the 20 centuries. These all technological advancements and inventions are helping us to take giant leaps in term of work and other things. We are doing our work faster and faster day-to-day all because of the Technological developments. Such is the extent that we are relying on the 21st-century technology and its subsidiaries. One such invention is the mailing system.

In earlier days too, people are aware of the mailing system. They use pigeons, humans, and other means to send the mails. But it takes a lot of time to reach the person they intend to. But some revolutionary magic changed the course of mailing. Now everything is at the fingertips of people. With the invention of Mailing system, they are now able to send mails to any person in the world. There are no physical barriers that can stop these mails. This is the biggest and most important invention in the world. After all the number of uses with this system is literally limitless.


www.gmail.com Login steps :

There are number of companies that are allowing you to use their mailing services. For example, we have Gmail from Google, Yahoo mail from Yahoo. We also have Outlook by Microsoft and many others. If you are reading this guide and you have come here, definitely you are here for Gmail Login guide. Please do follow the below steps that will help you to create your own personal Gmail Login account. Some people feel it difficult, as they are new to this. But trust me, Gmail Signup is one of the easiest stuff that you will come across the internet mailing services.

Requirements to Signup for Gmail.com : If you want to Signup Gmail, then you should have some requirements. Just check below for the Gmail Signup Requirements which will help you. While I will let you know the other steps to which will ease your Signup process.

Mobile Requirements For Gmail Signup:

  • You Must have a 2G or 3G or higher network. WiFi also works best.
  • You Must have a Front camera.
  • Only Android phone or iPhone.
  • For this Gmail Login, Rooted android phones and jail-broken i Phones are not helpful.

Desktop Requirements:

  • Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OSX 10.7+
  • Compatible browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+.

How to Sign Up Gmail : While there are number of people who constantly search the internet for signing Gmail account. Though it is one of the easiest process to do. Please do follow the below steps that I have provided for you. This Gmail account is very useful. Though the primary purpose of it is for sending emails, it is now has a number of purposes. For example, you can use this gmail account for Signing up Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram.

Steps to Gmail Sign Up :

* Take a Lappy or PC or a mobile which should have internet connection of WiFi connections.

* Then go to the browsers like Google Chrome, Comodo dragon, Firefox. As you are going to create a Gmail account, I suggest you to open the browser Google Chrome.

* After opening the browser, you have to search for Gmail.com In the homepage.

* You can see a number of results after you search for gmail.com. Out of all such results, you have to select the official website and enter the main homepage.

* On the homepage, you can see sign in options. As you want a new account, you should select the Gmail Signup.

* Clicking on it will land you on the Gmail Sign Up page. Now get ready to give your basic information that Google asks you to enter.


* As you can see, the first empty box is for your name. Enter your both first and last name. Soon After entering your name, you have to select your username. This is the thing which you have to share with your friends and have to use for the signing up of various things. So select very carefully.

* Now that you are done with username, select a password. This password should be unique that should have numbers, alphabets and also signs. Re-enter the same password in the below box.

* After entering the password, you should give your Date of birth details.

* Now select your gender. After selecting your gender, you should enter your mobile number. This number is very helpful for security purpose and recovering your account in case you lost your account.

*  Check the terms of service and Privacy Policy once. If you are ok with it then click on Next page.

That’s it you are done with Creating your own personal Gmail Account. I hope there are no problems in creating your account.

Steps to Sign In Gmail Account :

1. As the First step, you have to go to the browser. Then search for Gmail.
2. Now you have to open Gmail sign in page. Open the official page.
3. You can see the sign in options. Enter email address in the first box and click on next.
4. Once you enter your email address, you have to enter your password which you have created at the time of Sign up. Now click on Sign in and use your account for mailing and other purpose.


You can use this account now. I hope this article of mine has helped you and your purpose. If you feel that this article is helpful, please do share with your friends. If you have any sort of queries, do post them in the comment section.